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Reflexology is both a science and an art based on the principle that your feet, hands and ears are mini-maps of your entire body.  It is a method for activating the healing powers of your body.  It is both old and new.  We know from ancient texts and illustrations that Chinese, Japanese, Indians, Russians and Egyptians worked on feet and hands to promote good health.

The harmonious functioning of all aspects of an individual is essential to recovery from disease and maintaining good health.  Reflexology can create new levels of awareness between mind, body and spirit.  This new awareness can help you be more in tune to messages the body is sending.  These messages often come in the form of pain, tightness, change in texture and sensitivity.  If the messages are not heeded, they become louder and louder until they get our attention.  It is when the pain becomes so excruciating that we realize something must be done. Your body is amazing at healing itself, however there are times when it needs some help.  Reflexology can help by increasing circulation to break down deposits and congestion, unblock energy pathways and release tension to aid in the healing.

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