“When I first came to Drusilla, Both my feet hurt and my left foot was severely swollen.  After a couple of sessions, the swelling in my left foot went down by four inches and now my feet rarely hurt.  My circulation was also greatly improved and I no longer feel cold all the time.”
Rick Hogue, Mill Creek, WA

“I had pain in my legs and feet for many years.  I received a few reflexology sessions from Drusilla and she mentioned that my calves were extremely tight, so she did some work on my feet and lower calves.  It was amazing because I was walking down some steps to work one morning after the sessions and it felt like something was loose inside my pants around my calf area.  I thought maybe a sock got suck inside my pant legs so I checked and did not see anything.  Then I realized it was my calves that were loose and the extreme tightness and pain was gone.”
Janice DeShon, Edmonds, WA

“My right arm hurt so badly I could hardly use it.  After Drusilla worked on my feet and hands during a session, it felt 100 times better.  Thank God, because I had to really use my arms soon after to clean up a lot of rain water that got into my Studio (18 buckets). I would never been able to do that cleanup, had I not had a reflexology session with Drusilla.”
Evelia Sanchez, Everett, WA

“I can say with all honesty that Drusilla has helped me. I had leg cramps at night that woke me up with the pain. Many times I would jump out of bed trying to find some way to get relief.  After a few treatments I realized my leg cramps were gone! I still see Drusilla for about once or twice every month or as needed for general health.”
Rita Boddy, Edmonds, WA

“When Drusilla first started working on my hands, it hurt so badly because of the arthritis in my hands.  After each reflexology session, my hands felt better and better.  I have had six sessions with some work on my hands each time and now I can move my wrists freely with no pain.”
David Hodge, Kirkland, WA

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