About Me

 After completing a Bachelors Degree in psychology from the UCLA, Drusilla Meyer worked at various careers, such as, event planner, real estate broker and mediator, coach and trainer for the Dispute Resolution Center, a program of Volunteers of America. At a chance encounter, she had a reflexology session.  She said, “After the session,  I felt amazing, as if I were in some type of hypnotic state that induced a sense of peacefulness and well being.  I  knew I needed to find out more about reflexology.”  She then took training at the Seattle Reflexology and Massage Center to become a mastery certified reflexologist specializing in feet, hands and ears. Drusilla Meyer is now president of the Washington State Reflexology Association. She wants to help inform the general public about the many benefits of reflexology so others can discover the amazing power that reflexology can have on their bodies, minds and spirits.


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